• Yamini Hundare

    Yamini Hundare

    When you are standing on a cliff, jump to fly not to fall… I am an aspiring writer who loves to write about agile mindset, my own experiences and kids stories

  • Eduardo Mignot

    Eduardo Mignot

    I enjoy learning and sharing about Product, Agile methodologies & Scrum. Currently working as a Lead Product Manager in Fintech & Teacher @CodeOp PM course

  • Rendy Aries Fajrin

    Rendy Aries Fajrin

    Learn & Inspire | The Scrum Master | Strategy 🚀

  • Imas Nindy

    Imas Nindy

    Media penyimpanan kumpulan notes dari hape dan notebooknya Imas :) Enjoy!

  • Pranshu Mahajan

    Pranshu Mahajan

    Everything Agile!

  • Arthur Tkachenko

    Arthur Tkachenko

    Creating code for food tech projects, https://www.producthunt.com/@arthur_tkachenko

  • Riska Tania

    Riska Tania

  • Heri Setiawan

    Heri Setiawan

    An universe wanderers. Currently roaming in the pale blue dot planet.

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